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TwinRehab - Digital Twin-Driven Home Rehabilitation for Pre-Surgical Patients with Musculoskeletal Disorders

In charge of operational headquarters for the development of digital health projects:

Rua da Firmeza n.369, 4000-229 Porto (Portugal).


TwinRehab aims to revolutionize pre-surgical rehabilitation for patients undergoing hip or knee arthroplastic surgery, leveraging cutting-edge digital twin technology and tele rehabilitation techniques.


With a spike in surgeries and accompanying post-surgical complications, there's an evident need for effective prehabilitation. "TwinRehab" proposes a home-based prehabilitation regimen, supported by a virtual environment, real-time sensor feedback, and gamification elements.


The TwinRehab Home Rehabilitation Kit is a revolution in pre-surgical musculoskeletal rehabilitation, offering a blend of technological innovation . (Project under development (TRL6) not available on the market)

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